Ten Extremely Weird Documents in the CIA’s Online FOIA Archives

Ten Extremely Weird Documents in the CIA’s Online FOIA Archives

Many of these inquiries are from spouses attempting to uncover where their husbands or wives disappear to on their supposed clandestine business trips or secret rendezvous. If your spouse claims to be a CIA agent, I guarantee you: Let me spell this out clearly: The likelihood your spouse is in the CIA is up there with the likelihood of you winning the lottery — twice. I have had the honor of visiting Langley. In the course and scope of my career, I have come to deal with many CIA agents. The CIA carefully selects well-qualified people in nearly all fields of study and even low-level analysts are sworn to secrecy.

What the CIA thinks of your anti-virus program

Email Seeking to move beyond what he calls a “a dark and painful chapter in our history,” President Barack Obama said Thursday that CIA officials who used harsh interrogation tactics during the Bush administration will not be prosecuted. The government released four memos in which Bush-era lawyers approved in often graphic detail tough interrogation methods used against 28 terror suspects.

The rough tactics range from waterboarding – simulated drowning – to keeping suspects naked and withholding solid food. Even as they exposed new details of the interrogation program, Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, offered the first definitive assurance that those CIA officials are in the clear, as long as their actions were in line with the legal advice at the time.

Obama said the nation must protect the identity of CIA contractors and employees “as vigilantly as they protect our security. The CIA has acknowledged using waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning, on three high-level terror detainees in and , with the permission of the White House and the Justice Department.

This is all several decades ago. I knew a woman who had worked for the CIA – not in some spooky job but just as an overt employee, mostly dealing with translations and reading foreign publications. She was no longer a CIA employee when I knew her. She was single and she said she had to turn in a report for every date she had.

He conceded that the CIA did not treat the drug allegations in “a consistent, reasoned or justifiable manner. In particular, CIA officials insisted that CIA personnel did not order the contras to engage in drug trafficking and did not directly join in the smuggling. Deep in the report, the House committee noted that in some cases, “CIA employees did nothing to verify or disprove drug trafficking information, even when they had the opportunity to do so.

In some of these, receipt of a drug allegation appeared to provoke no specific response, and business went on as usual. The House committee also reported new details about how a major Nicaraguan drug lord, Norwin Meneses, recruited one of his principal lieutenants, Oscar Danilo Blandon, with promises that much of their drug money would go to the contras. Meneses and Blandon were key figures in a controversial series in the San Jose Mercury News that alleged a “dark alliance” between the CIA and contra traffickers.

That series touched off renewed interest in contra-drug trafficking and its connection to the flood of cocaine that swept through U. In reaction to the articles by reporter Gary Webb, U. Like those responses, the House Intelligence Committee report attacked Webb’s series. It highlighted exculpatory information about the CIA and buried admissions of wrongdoing deep in the text where only a careful reading would find them.

For instance, one key finding stated that “the CIA as an institution did not approve of connections between contras and drug traffickers, and, indeed, contras were discouraged from involvement with traffickers. The use of the phrase “as an institution” obscures the report’s clear evidence that many CIA officials ignored the contra-cocaine smuggling and continued doing business with suspected drug traffickers. The finding’s second sentence said, “CIA officials, on occasion, notified law enforcement entities when they became aware of allegations concerning the identities or activities of drug traffickers.

Normally in investigations, it is the wrongdoing that is noteworthy, not the fact that some did not participate in the wrongdoing.

The CIA Flips Off America

In the manner of a Renaissance prince – except that it acted secretly – the CIA fostered and promoted American Abstract Expressionist painting around the world for more than 20 years. The connection is improbable. This was a period, in the s and s, when the great majority of Americans disliked or even despised modern art – President Truman summed up the popular view when he said: Why did the CIA support them? Because in the propaganda war with the Soviet Union, this new artistic movement could be held up as proof of the creativity, the intellectual freedom, and the cultural power of the US.

Russian art, strapped into the communist ideological straitjacket, could not compete.

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A five-step decision-making process from a man who spent 25 years making life-and-death decisions. Most are fairly insignificant, such as what to have for lunch or what to wear. Others carry weight and consequences. Complicating things is our access to information; a simple Google search produces a million results in a split second, and that can lead to analysis paralysis. During his 25 years working for the government, Mudd developed a system for analyzing complex data and assessing risk.

While some of the decisions he made involved life and death, he contends that all complex decisions—government and civil—are major. Find The Real Question People often focus on the wrong question because they assume questions are self-evident, says Mudd.

Sex in the CIA…Declassified.

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Only one problem seemed to slow down Gottlieb’s ambitious drug experiments: The drug was manufactured only by the Sandoz company in Switzerland. The CIA was able to secretly buy small amounts from Sandoz, but this was not considered sufficient. The agency kept worrying, moreover, that the Swiss were also exporting the drug to the Sovier Union.

Gottlieb therefore set up another subproject to search for new supplies of LSD and other rare drugs in theU. He obviously knew, however, that lysergic acid monoethylamide can be isolated from Rivea seeds and turned into LSD. A former CIA official reported in an interview that he was given LSD 21 times for this purpose at one of the agency’s cover facilities in Washington. But the greatest shock in these LSD experiments came when the CIA learned that one of its subjects committed suicide nine days after ingesting the drug.

The victim was Dr. Gottlieb and Lashbrook took the drug thernselves. Colonel Edwards reported that the men had assembled at a twostory log cabin in the Deer Creek Lake area of Fort Detrick. He killed himself nine days later by jumping out the window of New York’s Starlet Hotel at 2: Abramson, a highly respected physician who was then head of the Allergy Clinic at Mt.

Sinai Hospital in New York.

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’

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Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, , the United States lost more than its president. It lost its innocence. Indeed, for many people in the US and across the world, the assassination marked the point at which their fundamental perceptions changed. Just after the Warren Commission released its report on the assassination, the level of public trust in government was at 77 percent. A decade later it had plummeted to less than half that 36 percent.

This movement, composed of all kinds of people, is dedicated to investigating the story behind the story, to exposing the power networks hidden beneath surface events. Such direct family links between Mexican politicians and the drug traffic were unfortunately not uncommon. It would also put the CIA-Mafia connection, through Staff D, in a position to feed to the CIA the false intercept linking a false Oswald to a suspected Soviet assassination expert Kostikov , the intercept that became a major pretext for creating a Warren Commission to reach the less dangerous conclusion of a lone assassin.

David Phillips is the one man who seems to cover all aspects of the CIA-Oswald operation and cover-up in

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