Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Let there be lights, lots of lights! With the one-day break coming up, we have another great update to share with you. The results from that week are already being seen in the game build. Besides that, the last two weeks of work have resulted in a whole heaping helping of User Stories and new stuff for you folks. This week got us to about the halfway point of a significant frame rate improvement on the existing VFX test zone. WIP — Tech — Seamless zone transitions: With a proof-of-concept in place last week, this week was spent ironing out bugs. In the background, Colin is working on automatically placed boundary triggers. The API server now knows everything about abilities, items, characters, recipes and crafting info.


With a good load of sardines and some eager fishermen we started the day off with some excellent bluefin tuna fishing. The bite lasted all day, and was hot and heavy at times. The volume of fish is really something, as we approach October. Daily limits were easily had by all. The bulk of the fish is 18 to 25 lbs.

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Have we missed the action and notices? Has the game gone into stealth maintenance mode? What has it been up to lately? It struggled to draw in and maintain a healthy playerbase, even after its transition to free-to-play in with the Free Agent update. Since then, Global Agenda has all but faded into obscurity as Hi-Rez moved on to other titles like Tribes:

Percy is the first to wake up the morning after a drunken hook up with Vex, and proceeds to deal with it about as well as he can. Which is not that well at all. It turns out pretty okay anyway.

How to Perform a Line Crossing Ceremony Each ship might have their own traditions and nuances, but the fundamental structure goes something like this: King Neptune and his royal court: Pollywogs entertain the royal court with a talent show. Dancing, song, skits or poetry count among the merriment. After breakfast, which is made too spicy for the Pollywogs to eat, the accused appear before King Neptune, who sits in judgment.

The Shellbacks plan the coming festivities, but they also spend the entire month taunting the Pollywogs until a mock mutiny is staged by them on the day before the Equator crossing — Pollywog Day. In , President Franklin D. Roosevelt, too, received a summons to appear before the sea god and pay his respects. The charges brought against him: Disregard of the traditions of the sea.

Taking liberties with the piscatorial subjects of His Majesty Neptunus Rex. In , a Line Crossing Ceremony was an international affair.

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The following review includes discussion of an early twist in The One I Love. The spoiler-averse are advised to proceed with caution. Years later, with their relationship on the rocks, they sneak into the pool again, hoping to spark a little of the same magic—or at least a small pulse of nostalgia—but the attempt is flat and contrived, and it deepens the schism between them. Once there, they find themselves.

Realm of Darkness Hunting Grounds By ds Submitted: May 9, unless she knew for sure that she could guarantee a hook up and it wasn’t as easy as one would think. her comfort zone when it came to picking her ideal prey. She had come to understand that choosing a.

When I’m bored, or in the office, I occasionally go on this forum and I remember reading once about how this girl had mentioned that she was naturally big boobed, wearing a 28H bra but a size 6 jeans. Information like that never slips out of my mind and it got locked away somewhere safe. I couldn’t deny that the thought of boobs that big on such a small frame excited me but it was just a fantasy element of a girl that was completely unobtainable.

Over the coming months, I’d comment on posts she’d make and vice versa but I always thought it simple banter that would come to nothing. After about four or five months she began to have problems with her boyfriend which she talked about on the forums. I offered a comforting ear, trying to make her feel more confident about herself and reminding her that she could do better. We went from exchanging dialogue on the open forums to private messaging and although her impressive chest remained in my mind I found that as we communicated more, I began to like her personality.

Although she was only 20, she seemed funny and switched on but lacking a little self confidence, especially with the run around she was getting from her BF. I was 20 years her senior and although felt a little bad about how it might be construed that I was grooming her, I enjoyed our dialogue. She dumped him and we went from private messaging into the realm of texting. One Friday a couple of weeks later she asked if she could talk to me that evening and so I gave her a call.

Her voice was soft and sweet and hesitant but I took the conversational lead and we had some good banter.

How online shooter The Division is taking a fresh approach to PvP

Favorite Joined , id: I just wanted to say that Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is my new favorite anime! I don’t abandon stories, just leave them inactive for bits and pieces of time. This story is my take on a what if situation where Hashirama is cloned instead of his genes being imprinted onto someone else.

Rockwood Roo Expandable Hybrid Travel Trailers MAKING YOUR INVESTMENT GO A LONG WAY. Rockwood takes pride in packing the most value possible into our Roo series.

Yup that was my though with the Ivern shield too. Then Nunu support might not be bad again, or you could run protect the adc comps with Nunu top and Ivern jungle. That would be fun. I agree that utility, support style jungles like Ivern and Nunu need buffs. People have pointed at complete reworks, but I don’t think that. I really like the idea of support style jungling as right now you either play burst damage in there or maybe a tank with good gank potential. A slight rework or heavy buff is needed for these guys.

For Ivern, I’d like to see his shield buffed to the point where it feels as strong as a Janna or Lulu shield. Maybe a buff to his movement speed and auto attack range.

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Generation 1 cartoon continuity The Transformers cartoon Voice actor: Hook, who was evil, helped build Megatron. Bonecrusher would then reveal the Constructicons’ ability to combine by forming Devastator , who was blasted by Optimus Prime into lava. Heavy Metal War “Did you drop this? There are laws against littering. In the time between, he dismantled Optimus Prime, so it was a busy day for him.

After growing up in the shadow of her mafia-affiliated father, Angie defies his wishes and takes a gig as an undercover bodyguard for a famous actress. Wizards: Tales of Arcadia The trolls, aliens and wizards living in Arcadia face off in an apocalyptic battle for control of their magical world.

This is not only great for finding and fixing bugs, but is already fun to play in our coast to coast office tests. And fun is the goal, right? Colin recently made some additions to our NPCs. Once a round is over, we track important information, like how many characters were on each team, which team won, what was the score of each team, and how did each player contribute. As players participate in our epic battles, we want to ensure they are rewarded for their efforts, complete with bragging rights!

After spending some time moving our windows messages to their own thread, George took another turn down the performance path, and is now updating our input code to also run on its own thread. Not only does this give us performance improvements, but it will eventually pave the way for cool things in the future, such as an easier-to-use client-side input, updated keybinding system, and more responsive input.

Brad and Scott implemented all our existing emote assets this week. This tech took advantage of both the new ability system and the animation system, making it easier to hook up. Players can now wave, bow, curtsy, point, nod, etc. With this tech in place, we can easily add other emotes in the future. WIP — Tech — Deflection:

The Frigid Doom

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