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A vinyl record that Mr Lowe, from Yatton, Somerset, kept at the bottom of a drawer in his home for more than 20 years is today named as the most valuable in the world by industry bible Record Collector. Duff absentmindedly put the original acetate disc, recorded in a Liverpool studio in , in the bottom of a drawer and forgot about it until the early s, when he sold it back to McCartney for an undisclosed sum. The recording later appeared in the Beatles’ Anthology series, which was released in the s. I kept it for a week, George kept it for a week, John kept it for a week, [drummer] Colin Hanton kept it for a week, then Duff kept it for 23 years. Although 20, copies were made, most were destroyed, making it a collector’s item. Only three copies are known to exist. The Quarry Men recording at the top of the list was created in July by the Beatles trio plus John ‘Duff’ Lowe on piano and drummer Colin Hanlon, who headed into a studio after shelling out a few shillings. The acetate version ended up in Lowe’s hands and he eventually sold it to Sir Paul, who is still thought to own it. He had it restored and it was used to make the handful of copies. Records made by UK metal acts are beginning to climb the chart as collectors spot lasting classics ‘The appeal of Fab Four collectables is worldwide.

How to date vinyl records

Ken Irwin The emerging cult for collecting vinyl records was first explored in this column in Seven years later, this niche market is a phenomenon around the world. They concentrated on British releases but the recording at No.

Despite this, over the years, a few recordings, dating to the cylinder era, have been manufactured as colored vinyl records, with “colored vinyl” generally defined as some color other than black. Colored vinyl records have long been popular with collectors and they usually command a .

Record labels, recording artists, audiophile collectors, independent record shops — all for whom the increase in sales each year is considered a jolt of life in what otherwise is considered a growing public disinterest in owning tangible music. But for Matt Earley, more people wanting more vinyl records presents a problem: The six presses that make his records at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland are more than 40 years old, which means extra shifts and increased production is a recipe for potential disaster, especially when orders are lined up for months.

His is one of only about a dozen or so left in the United States that face similar challenges. Despite the increased public demand for vinyl records, spanning mass reissue campaigns of premium-quality vinyl by classic bands such as Pink Floyd to small seven-inch runs by local bands to sell at gigs, press operators say that profit margins are narrowing because of the increasedcosts involved in locating, refurbishing, installing, operating, and ultimately repairing machines that are no longer made but are pushed harder and faster than they were in their heyday.

If you run a press 24 hours, six or seven days a week, there is one rule of thumb: The Gotta Groove Records plant in Cleveland. Courtesy of Gotta Groove Records He says the current refurbished machine stock was originally designed to run eight to 10 hours each day for one shift.

How to Date Vinyl Records

The original is the only known copy of the pre-Beatles disc recorded at a local electrical shop by McCartney, Lennon and Harrison with drummer Colin Hanton and pianist John Duff Lowe. There is only one known pressing of the one-sided acetate, unedited version with count-in hence the huge price tag. In Jarre made 1 copy of this album and then destroyed the master tapes, which is why the price is so high for this record.

Only 2 originals have ever surfaced on the Motown label offshoot Soul.

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Ortofon apparently discontinued its acclaimed range of Super OM cartridges around The natural replacment being the 2M range of cartridges. In June , however, Felix Scerri noticed that his favourite cartridges were one again available for purchase. The Ortofon website doesn’t show them, yet they do in the ‘product’ range. I’m glad, as they are a very fine cartridge! Perhaps the 2M range has not worked out as well as expected.

With the Super OM series only the stylus was different, not so with the 2M series, possibly a mistake all things considered! Many of the popular styli that will be encountered will have an elliptical shape. Some more expensive styli will have more exotic shapes such as the ‘fine line’ profile. The finer the profile of the tip, the deeper the it can reach into the record groove and therefore extract the maximum possible amount of musical detail.

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October 15, 1. Photo courtesy of Joe L 1. The matrix confirms the cutting source as tape mix 1.

VG = vinyl still has a great luster, record shows wear, surface scuffs. Therefore, I follow only the following standards on vinyl quality VINYL QUALITY IS M- PER ABOVE STANDARDS. GOOD GLOSS.

According to Chilton, “Jody and I were hanging together as a unit still but we didn’t see it as a Big Star record. We never saw it as a Big Star record. That was a marketing decision when the record was sold in whatever year that was sold. And they didn’t ask me anything about it and they never have asked me anything about it. To a great extent it is an Alex solo record It’s Alex’s focus, it’s his emotional state of being but I brought in the string section for the one song I wrote and Alex hit it off with Carl Marsh What would that album have been like if it didn’t have the strings?

The session sheets have the band name ‘Sister Lovers’ Chilton and Stephens were dating Lesa and Holliday Aldridge at the time clearly written on them. This may well have been a joke, although Chilton and Stephens did use the Sister Lovers name for a radio broadcast in early Dickinson said that Chilton, whose relationship with Aldridge was stormy, “reached a point Release[ edit ] In the tapes were acquired by the PVC label and given their first official release.

Check your vinyl and you could find a small fortune

Hansons reserve the right, in forming their opinion, to consult and rely upon any expert or authority reasonably considered by them to be reliable. All clients are advised they are entering into a contract with Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers under English Law and Jurisdiction. The Buyer The highest bidder to be the buyer.

Vinyl-Related Subs and Sites: /r/vinylcollectors – Buy, Sell, and Trade. A Beginner’s Guide to Dating and Identifying Records The Label – Labels can be a very effective means of dating a record. No label has stayed the same (that I know of), and many have evolved quite drastically.

I mean, if it is the same old catalog number, it is a first pressing? Some people maintain that it is e. Sometimes there will be changes in the run-out details as new stampers are made, other times the record itself will be re-cut thus effectively remastering it, though not marketed as such. Some collectors are fanatical about getting the ” ” or “A-1” pressings, which they view as the “first pressing” With big-selling releases, it was common for some labels to contract them out to several different pressing plants at once, either to meet demand, or for logistical reasons.

The latter is sometimes the case with US records, where some releases have “east coast” and “west coast” variations due to being made at different pressing plants and thus why you tend to find more label variations on US releases compared to other territories. For this reason, I don’t see how it could be determined that a first pressing is only the first X number of copies.

How to Date Vinyl Records

History of Records Timeline English physician and naturalist Thomas Young records the vibrations of a tuning fork on a rotating drum covered with wax. He is unfortunately unable to listen to what he’s recorded, because there is no way at this time to play back the recording. Frenchman Leon Scott de Martinville develops the phonoautograph, with which he is able to record sound. The air pressure fluctuations caused by sound are translated into a wavy line on a soot-covered surface using a large horn, a diaphragm and a pig’s hair.

Once again, though, similar to Thomas Young’s invention, there is no way to play back the sounds that are recorded.

VINYL RECORDS AND CD MARKETPLACE LPs, 45s, hard to find and out of print music from record stores worldwide.

Sales of vinyl records are now ahead of their digital counterparts Credit: At the end of , it was widely reported that vinyl album sales had surpassed digital downloads for the first time ever. New artists as well as established bands now release vinyl as a matter of course. Entire back catalogues are being hastily re-pressed.

Newly founded record company Omerta Inc is only selling vinyl. So, something is amiss. There are two key markets. Wood-cabinetted Victrolas that crank out scratchy tangos while their owners feast on white toast and quinotto porridge? They were born into an ad-wrapped universe, the quality of Youtube-fi and Spotify-fi is awful, and, above all, their parents are all liars.

Like me, their parents belong to the second market: So why are we going down the same path again, and taking the kids with us? A brief confessional tale might illustrate what’s happening. I aged, carried on listening to tunes I grew up with, spent several years without a turntable, lived abroad, travelled, worked, did other things.

There was no call for me to top up my collection — and no one was asking me to.

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