100 unbelievably cute pictures of kittens

100 unbelievably cute pictures of kittens

Cat Breeds Cat Breeds, Different Types of Cats From the earliest history of cats dating over 9, years, they have often figured alongside man and been a popular subject of many legends. Breeding by themselves, cats were mainly used for hunting down and killing rodents. With the progress of time and human intervention, hybridization took place in different parts of the world giving rise to many different cat breeds that became country specific, beginning from naturally occurring domestic breeds that were native to a particular geographic region. Categorized into two major categories; the short haired and the long haired, they are found in a variety of cat breeds often specific to a country or region. This is evident in the combination colors, pattern of coat, shape of head, and length of hair, folding of ears and bobbed tails or tailless cats as the Munchkin cat. Some cat breeds are variations of a particular breed of cat as seen in the Balinese cat which is just a variation of the longer haired version of the Siamese cat. Historically some cat breeds have basically remained unchanged in their physical shapes and appearance for over a thousand years, as can be traced in the Japanese Bobtail , and as evident in ancient Egyptian paintings of the Egyptian Mau. The Persian cat and Siamese cat are the commoner breeds found all over the world. Persians being the oldest cat breed are often not pedigreed and these types of cats are referred to as domestic long hairs. They make good specimens for cat shows and are good companions.

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Cat flu is the general name given to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract in cats. It is a common disease in cats and although not usually fatal in previously healthy adult cats it can cause death in kittens and immuno-suppressed older cats Cat flu is most commonly caused by the Feline Herpes Virus-1 FHV-1 , or Feline Calicivirus FCV Feline Herpes Virus is the more serious of the two. It is also known as Feline Virus Rhinotracheitis which is an older term for the virus.

Feline Herpes virus infects the membranes of the eyes, the lining of the nose, pharynx, sinuses, and throat. Cat flu in general is a very contagious disease and can spread quickly from cat to cat. The most common symptoms of a Feline Herpes Virus infection are: The virus affects the membranes of the eyes.

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By Jessica Gomez Vet Technician Siberian cats are a beautiful, rare breed and are known for their long coats and energetic, affectionate personalities. Because they are so rare, some people assume that these cats are only available from breeders. However, some Siberians also end up in a rescue’s care. Finding a Siberian Cat for Adoption Rescue groups are sometimes given purebred cats from owners who can no longer care for them. Many rescues pull out purebred cats from shelters and foster the cat while they put it for adoption.

You can find a Siberian cat if you know where to look.

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The Vikings kept cats for their valuable skills as mousers as well as keeping cats for pets. Kittens were sometimes given to new brides as an essential part of setting up a new household.

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It’s built to compliment imgur and allow the community somewhere they can get to know each other better, meet each other, chat and play. It’s not supported and endorsed by imgur but it’s run by community members. Most of the site has been either self funded OR a lot of work done in my free time, more recently members have subscribed and that’s really helping us to enhance the site and make it much better.

Chat and Video Chat This is where most imgurians hang out on the site for the moment are our chat rooms, they can get very busy with sometimes over imgurians in there. People can embed pictures and animations embeds only from imgur and videos from youtube. Kitty cam Yup, that’s right on this social network you can watch Kittens! There are other streams as well and soon we’ll let you add your own custom.

You can show everything or show absolutely nothing. Meetups We’ve had ish meetups happen through the site, some have been successful and some haven’t. I’ve met a bunch of imgurians in real life and it was awesome there were doges, people with guitars, frizby and booze in we’re going to try and push this area of the site and maybe even look at Social Savanna sponsered meetups. Questions and Answers You can ask other imgurians questions on anything from dating to cats and even vote on the answers.

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